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LOLT-84 Treatment stories

One this episode we discuss our journey from just before treatment, the treatment itself and what came after. We would like this to be interactive with you guys as well so please share your stories with us also and be part of this — with Christoper M Mandeville...

LOLT-83 Tommy Delaney

Tommy Delaney is originally from Southie. He has lived through many seasons of sobriety and has done his best to learn from all of them. He has not done everything gracefully but has done it with God's strength at heart. Tommy has been sober since 4/7/97 and is a...

LOLT-82 Ron and Josh Orleans

Ron and Josh Orleans, father and son, share how one of them getting sober in turn and through attraction -- not promotion -- helped the other see there was a better way of life to be had.Josh is celebrating 2 years sobriety in November and his life in recovery is a...

LOLT-81 Rob Pagnano

This one is Rob Pagnano a rising country artist who is close to 4 years sober. He grew up an athlete and broke his back in 2004. He's here to talk about addiction recovery and the many other facets of his...

LOLT-80 Roger Dickinson

On this one we have Roger Hacksaw who is a personal friend of Chris' for many years. They have done some partying together in the past. Chris said "I know how he ran out there and it's amazing to see him on this path. He told me he would be up from North Carolina and...

LOLT-79 Rob Demeo

Rob Demeo  grew up in Somerville, MA. He struggled with addiction for years in and out of programs. He struggled to get clean and stay clean. He finally ended up at Dimmock Detox in Roxbury. After completing treatment and recovering he started to work for Dimmock...


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