Adam’s recovery story is another miracle. He grew up with a hard-working single mother. His dad passed away when he was very young, and he reflects on how young he was when he started acting out and got in trouble with the law and put on probation. Adams addiction sat dormant when he was on probation until his junior year in high school. This is where he met opiates. This is a man who has come through to the other side of being a full-blown heroin addiction in high school. A man who has now recovered from a hopeless state of mind and body.

Adam talks about the willingness and honesty piece of sobriety. He talks about the spiritual piece which is a huge part of his journey and how his sponsor helped him to this simple way of life.

Adam works with Chris. He grew up in Quincy and is just really down-to-earth, friendly and a nice person who was snatched from the gates of hell! I was reminded by his story how many other nice and friendly, down-to-earth people are taken from our world by the disease of addiction.

Let’s reflect on how recovery can turn a guy like Adam – from a high school junior junky in the throws of a disease which is usually fatal, to a productive father of two beautiful children. Let us be amazed at how a simple but not easy program of daily reprieve contingent on our spiritual condition can give us all a great life.

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