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The 100% real recovery podcast. Unscripted talk from those of us in recovery from substance use disorder (SUD) and others who are on the front line of alcoholism and addiction.

Real Recovery Podcast


We are an unscripted, real people, real recovery podcast based in Quincy, MA. All of our guests are either in recovery from substance use disorder, been affected by alcoholism and or drug addiction, or play a major role in substance use awareness or treatment.

If you are looking for addiction recovery resources, information, or simply can’t make a meeting and want to hear one right at your finger tips in the comfort of your own space, we provide it all! 

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LOLT-75 Jack Harper and Micheal (Skinny) Covallo:Treatment

This was a discussion podcast that featured Jack Harper and Michael (Skinny) Cavallo. The topic was treatments. Jack is a recovery coach and Skinny had been a recovery specialist. We talked about Long Island's road back to helping people. We also covered medically...

LOLT-74 Paul Veneto

Paul Veneto, AKA the Miracle Man was a flight attendant who had 10 years sober on the morning of 9/11. As Paul deplaned in Boston, he said goodbye to 3 friends and fellow flight attendants as they re-boarded that very same jetliner. A few short hours later their plane...

LOLT-73 Jen Healy and Derek Lawson

This is a discussion podcast with Jennifer Healy and Derek Lawson. Jennifer is originally from the midwest and has worked in healthcare for many years and now is an advocate for those suffering from addiction and mental health issues.Derek Lawson is originally from...

LOLT-72 Mark Mulhern

Mark Mulhern joined South Shore Peer Recovery in June of 2018. He knows first hand the impact of the disease of addiction has on individuals and families through personal and professional experience. In 2014, Mark lost his father after a long, hard fought battle with...

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We care and we have been there!

The Life on Life’s Terms Podcast was started in 2017 by Chris Mandeville and Tom Robinson. We are both in long-term recovery from substance use. The way we see it is, those of us who have recovered need to come forward and speak the truth about how it was how we recovered and how we live our lives now. This work is too important not to do. We need everybody’s help against this enemy because it’s taking our people every day. We do this for free just to try to help. We have goals and dreams to expand to other areas of the battle against this deadly disease of the mind body and spirit!


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